Recovered Fragments

Pattern and ornamentation discovered and photographed from my surrounding environment is layered with my own digitally generated artwork. This layering of a diverse collection of imagery is reworked and transformed into new images. The images are subsequently printed onto found fragments from our past culture. Series’ of works are indicative of the memory of an image; sometimes surfaces are whisper like, illusionary rather than assertive, traces of structures from the surrounding world. The effect produces connotations of archaeological findings, however, the reality of the image’s creation through digital technology subverts this notion of antiquity.

The digital print process allows the fractured edges to be wrapped in pattern and confronts notions of authenticity. Many of the fragments are retrieved from building site skips and reclamation yards, in one sense, contemporary archaeological sites. The work refers to the historical cycle of human aspiration and destruction of urban structures. The recurring patterns of nature, culture and history are transformed and interwoven, what is missing is as important as what is there. Pattern allows my work to connect with previous generations.